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Satan is the New Black

It's like this.
The powers that be (I suppose SATAN and his minions in this case) took a second of their time and decided that they'd make something super special, and just for me.
They were all like...hey, this girl, she likes survival horror games..and like...Resident Evil..and No More Heroes...oh, and like..her favorite composer is Akira Yamaoka.....we should make it so they all come together to make a fucking badass game about some dude who goes to hell.
Oh, WAIT. You know what would really BLOW HER MIND? Let's have Kyu Hayashida work on it, too!!
And well, shit.
I cannot express how much I am loving Shadows of the Damned.
Now if only there was more time to play.... ;_;



Don't have a lot of time for recreational doodling, but I HAD to draw a little madoka fanart cuz...cuz it's soooo craaaazy~
That last episode seriously blew away my brains. ( o ω o)

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