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Tokyo Demons

  • Posted by: rem
  • 2011-06-28 Tue 14:53:38
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This has been a while coming, but I just wanted to make an announcement!

A few months back I worked on a really fun project, it's called Tokyo Demons, an online novel written by Lianne Sentar.
The story is dark and action packed and the characters are very believable, so it's interesting to see their struggle as things goes along. As for my part, I did an illustration for each chapter, as well as character pics. If all goes well, I'll be doing more for the next books. ^_^

So please take a look, it's free to read, it's updated monthly, and there's even going to be an audio adaptation coming soon!

Soulless Manga

  • Posted by: rem
  • 2011-04-25 Mon 17:16:45
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I've finally been given the green light on spilling the beans to you guys about my new project!

The no-longer secret secret is a comic adaptation of SOULLESS, the super awesome victorian steampunk novel written by Gail Carriger, illustrated by me, and published by Yen Press!
The Soulless comic will be launched officially at Comic Con in San Diego July 21.
It will be serialized in Yen Plus, a monthly online anthology starting July 11, and as a full book next spring! YAYYY! (≧▽≦)

I've been into Victorian Era culture for a while now and have been working hard to study the intricacies of 19th cen. British life. So you can imagine how lucky I felt when I was offered the chance to work on Soulless, which itself is oozing with glorious Victorian era goodness! Being able to work with this subject matter is so much fun for me~~!
Did I mention there are also werewolves? Yes, dirigibles AND werewolves! (...vampires, too, of course, but more like the "Interview with a Vampire" type more so than the "Twilight" variety, thank goodness =.=;) The books have a lot of humor and action and danger in them... and plenty of tea and parasols as well. I feel like I'm getting to have my cake and eat it too.

SO! To promote the launch of the Soulless comic, Gail will be posting one of my character designs sketches for the book every other week on Monday until the official launch~
To check out her first post, go here!

In other news, I will be attending A-kon 22 in Dallas, June 10~12 as a GUEST this year!
I'll be in artist alley if you want to say hi! ヾ(*`∀´*)ノ
Now back to work for me!!


  • Posted by: rem
  • 2011-03-09 Wed 13:45:13
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So there's this really amazing magazine put together independently by some really talented kiddos. It's F*X*T magazine, and if you missed out on the first issue, the second one is out and features yours truly, along with a handsome helping of extremely talented illustrators and comic artists. It's seriously inspirational eye candy and I totally love how hand crafted it is by fellow artists, working out of their love for the medium.

I was lucky enough to be the feature artist for the second book, I illustrated the cover, and have an interview that includes a few more illustrations made for the mag. I hope you'll find it enlightening! ^3^;
So yeah! If you'd like to help support the cause of some great artist and allow this magazine to keep growing, you can pre-order your copy HERE and the first 200 people to pre-order will receive a free print! Yays~

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