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Don't have a lot of time for recreational doodling, but I HAD to draw a little madoka fanart cuz...cuz it's soooo craaaazy~
That last episode seriously blew away my brains. ( o ω o)

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Reikan URL 2011-02-28 Mon 17:12:28

Everyone's talking about it, I need to watch it too !
At first, I thought it was some kind of moe magical girl show, but it seems that there is much more to it.

It's a really pretty picture TvT <3

pukuu URL 2011-03-04 Fri 23:05:52

@_@ Man the little fuzzball is deceivingly evil.

Neuro URL 2011-03-16 Wed 00:19:34

Nice! yeah Madoka Magica is really a crazy story

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