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  • Posted by: rem
  • 2011-04-11 Mon 02:00:35
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I found time to post a blog entry!!
It's been kinda crazy for me this past month... I started a new job drawing comics! I think I mentioned it before... at any rate, I still can't disclose anything just yet, but I can say that it is another comic adaptation, and not an original series.
BUT-- it's still really cool and I love love working on it!
It's so nice to be working on something you love and to get paid for it too!! The best!!
The only thing is..it's SO hard!
But I feel like when I work this hard on something, then I feel really truly alive, you know? The schedule is pretty daunting, though, so I'm trying to find new ways to go faster without sacrificing the quality of the art and story telling. It's a real learning experience.


Here's something I learned: This pen nib is really awesome! I usually use the Zebra maru pen and Gpen, mostly the maru pen. But this is like...if the two had a really cool baby! It's the "Brause 66 Extra Fine "Arrow" Calligraphy Nib - Extra Fine Point" or the "Brause 66 EF". (I got mine at jetpens.com, but now they're out of stock.) Although I'm pretty satisfied with the level of control and flexibility I'm getting from this pen, it's sort of opened my eyes to different pen nibs, so I made an order for some other ones that might be cool. This one has really helped me out a lot, though, in tandem with Pilot's drafting ink, I've had to struggle a lot less with my metal nibs lately.


My desk has been pretty messy... ^3^;
Still trying to see if I can find some really good drawing paper. I'm spoiled and now have to use the bluelined B4 paper, especially since the publisher I'm working for publishes close to the Japanese dimensions than say, Tokyopop. But I'm really not quite happy with the paper I'm using right now. It's Maxon B4 135kg Comic paper. I'm just about out of my Maxon Comic paper (which seems indistinguishable, but is actually quite a bit better) but I can't find any place to get it any more..I think they might not make it anymoreeee~ TT_TT If anyone knows of any good japanese paper, please let me know!!

So I'm on my next month of work.. and off to a late start. I got really sick right after last month's deadline and have been fighting off some weird stomach flu thing all week. It seems to be clearing up now, but I don't really have time to get better at this point. So wish me luck!! I'll be at this for a while.. hopefully I'll be able to say publicly what I'm working on in the next couple of months because I'm DYING to talk about it!
Ok, back to work for me~

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Memry URL 2011-04-17 Sun 22:25:29

Yayy! ('u')/ Oooh I'm lookin' forward to knowing what the big surprise will be! I'm so glad you're getting paid to do comics again... I still really love your work from the Vampire Kisses days, and use those books as references when I'm having a hard time balancing the blacks/whites in my own work. (*A*); (rough stuff! At least for me it is! Hopefully not for much longer...) Keep up the good work this month, and take good care of yourself of course! {:3

Cia URL 2011-04-25 Mon 17:20:08

Congrats on being the artist at yen press for Soulless!!! I can't wait for it to be out. :D

On your paper size, I hate to say this but I never heard of the Maxon Comic paper before so I can't really help on where to look for it, sorry. (;_;) But I can say that I use the Deleter 135 B4 paper for my work. About $10 [plus shipping] for 40 pages. Sometimes if I want to do more details I up it to A3 size on regular bistol paper.

rem URL 2011-04-25 Mon 18:31:28

Memry> Wow, I'm totally flattered~!! Thanks so much for the best wishes and kind words, and good luck with your own comics~!!
Cia> Thanks~ Yeah, I've tried Deleter as well as just about everything else available in the american market. I think there are just some things that you can ONLY get in Japan. ;_; Here's hoping, though~

2011-09-28 Wed 01:03:48

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